The Book

If Your Horse Could Talk

The Ultimate Guide to Partnership




Have you ever felt like there must be something more when it comes to your relationship with your horse?

Jodine Carruthers, noted Equine Behavior Specialist, delivers the perfect gift to horse lovers: a guide guaranteed to take you from simply working with a horse to forming a mutually fulfilling and deeply moving relationship. In this book, you will learn:

  • How to create a happy and willing equine partner
  • The holistic approach to connecting with horses
  • The true meanings of partnership and leadership
  • Interspecies communication
  • Horse psychology
  • The body language of horses
  • Understanding fear and the nervous system

Whether you're a novice rider or a veteran horse lover, Carruthers opens the door to a world of horsemanship that will lift your spirit and fill your heart. This book will change the way you approach a horse...and will guide you toward a truly authentic partnership.

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  • Jodine Carruthers has written a truly absorbing and inspirational book about her experiences with horses.
    – Jane Holderness Roddam,
    Olympic Gold Medalist (Eventing)
  • Jodine has done a wonderful job of weaving together the many aspects required for effective communication between ourselves and our horses. She has also taught us the importance of understanding, exposing and connecting to our own feelings and emotions as a prerequisite to understanding and connecting to the horse, thus enabling the horse to become the healer. Jodine has successfully delivered her message: Horses are in our lives to teach us partnership, honesty and harmony. Well done...
    – Marijke van de Water,
    B.SC., DHMS, Equine Health and Nutrition Specialist, Author of “Healing Horses: Their Way!
  • What is important in Jodine's training methods is her consideration, making the journey safe, reasonable and heart centered, holding the well-being of the horse above the agenda of the human.
    – Liz Mitten Ryan, Co-Author of One With the Herd, The Truth According to Horses, Life Unbridled and Sabbatical

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