Harmonious Horsemanship Secrets

Horses often awaken within us a deep sense of joy and compassion. Many of us chase, what can seem like, fleeting moments of wonder and connection with these magnificent creatures. Ever searching, we try more. More training tips, more books, more clinicians. Even more competitions, more horses and more tack. Well, for all you seekers out there, Harmonious Horsemanship has a few secrets to share with you:

  1. The exercises we do with a horse are just the portal to the connection. It’s not the exercises itself that creates the connection but the moments within the exercise.
  2. Horsemanship skills are just a piece of the puzzle. Presence and an awareness of what is going on in the now is what allows the relationship to develop on a deeper level.
  3. We can never find the perfect horses, or relationship, but we can certainly learn to be present with the horse that is, in fact, perfect for us.

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Our job in the partnership is to teach horses about the human world, their job is to teach us about ourselves.