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Our Mission

At Harmonious Horsemanship our mission is to reconnect people with horses, and themselves.


Harmonious Horsemanship

Harmonious Horsemanship was founded with the understanding that the development of both horse and human are essential in nurturing a truly equal partnership. We combine horse psychology, interspecies communication, the body language of the horse and equine experiential learning, with an in depth understanding of the body and nervous system. We understand every partnership is different. Therefore our teachings are based on empowering you, and your horse, with knowledge and skills that can be tailored to meet the needs of your unique relationship.

Giving Back

Our goal is to give back to horses and humans. A portion of every Harmonious Horsemanship product or service sold will be donated to nonprofit organizations that either help horses in need or help humans with the assistance of horses.



Jodine Carruthers

Jodine Carruthers is an Equine Behaviour Specialist and the founder of Harmonious Horsemanship. A lifelong horsewoman, she has dedicated her career to empowering and improving the lives of horses and humans through education, communication, and the depth of connection found through her teachings. Jodine has extensively researched human dynamics and neuroscience, and is an expert in horse psychology, equine body language, inter-species communication, and healing equine trauma. By combining this knowledge with her passion and innate understanding of expansion, personal growth and experiential learning, Jodine has created the one of a kind teachings offered by Harmonious Horsemanship


  • Author of “If Your Horse Could Talk” and “Don’t Just Face Your Fear, Embrace Your Fear”.
  • Clinician and Speaker who has educated and inspired fellow horse lovers from around the world.
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Worked with and for some of the best horsemen and horsewomen in the world including Monty Roberts, Jane Holderness Roddam and Nick Karazissis.
  • Have specialized in equine behaviour, equine trauma, developing young horses and helping strengthen horse/human partnerships since 2000.
  • Spent my junior years as an active pony clubber and competitor on the “A” hunter/jumper.
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